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Thomas Miller

Owner, Fox Frame Productions
Chicago, IL US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Chicago based Director / DP with 10 years of experience working in national politics. Always up for an adventure. Perpetually curious. Midwest nice.


Born and raised in Indiana, Tom got his start helping re-elect President Obama as the cinematographer for the critical battle ground state of Ohio. Tom has spent the past 10 years creating ads and short films for Democratic political candidates, nonprofits, and corporations. His work has racked up millions of views, won a Webby Award, a handful of Pollies, and been shown at film festivals across the country. In 2015, he released his first feature documentary, "One Day In April" about the Little 500 bike race at Indiana University. The film explores changing racial and gender dynamics in Southern Indiana through the lens of one of the regions most storied traditions. In 2017, he completed "Restoration: The Fight For Voting Rights In Virginia", a short film released during the 2017 Virginia Governor's race to raise awareness about the struggle returning citizens experienced regaining their right to vote and Gov. Terry McAuliffe's efforts to undo racist Jim Crow era laws that continued to disenfranchise Virginia residents convicted of a felony. He is currently developing Finding Borenkin a documentary feature exploring the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico. Tom lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and their menagerie of animals. You can find him at or by phone at 260.385.5882.

Featured Work

Want to Fight Climate Change? Keep Nature Intact

I directed this short film about the need for global reforestation efforts for Conservation International. The film utilizes CGI environments generated in unreal engine to show the dramatic changes in our environment.

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Dr. Miller's Story

I directed and filmed this piece about an OBGYN doctor in Texas, and his opposition to the states laws outlawing abortion.

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Restoration: The Fight For Voting Rights In Virginia

I directed this short documentary about Gov. Terry McAuliffe's efforts to re-enfranchise return citizens, and the struggles those citizens went through to excercise their right to vote.

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Personal Loss

I directed this spot about a Detroit's man experience during the pandemic for the United Way of Michigan. This ad was part of a broader campaign to encourage Michiganders to get the vaccine.

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