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Connect with nonfiction talent around the globe! What ties our global community together is our members' breadth of stunning work and passion for telling true stories that change minds, fill hearts, and improve the world.

Morgan Gruer

Director, Animator, Designer
New York, California, United States
Animator, Motion Graphics Designer
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Eben Hall

Executive Producer, OceanX
New York, New York, US
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Darrell Hartman

Editor in Chief and Co-Founder, Jungle in Paris
New York, New York, United States
Script Writer
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Mariana Henninger

Award-winning Director / DP Documentaries & Branded, True People Films
New York, NY, US
DP/Director of Photography
Visual Journalist
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Andrew Hinton

Portland, OR, US
DP/Director of Photography
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Daniel Chávez-Ontiveros

Filmmaker, Think Films
Alameda, CA, US
DP/Director of Photography
Editor, Features
Editor, Shorts
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Video Consortium

Admin, The Video Consortium
New York, NY, US
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