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Matt Twohig

Producer, Cultivator Content Labs
Los Angeles, CA US
Is Hiring
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
As a hands-on documentary and commercial producer, I’ve merged technical prowess with strategic insight.


Whether Matt is operating a cinema camera in distant locales or steering strategic planning sessions, his mission remains the same: empower production teams to scale with purpose and precision, tailor-fit to every job. With a foundation built on battle-tested processes and a global network of elite professionals, Matt has partnered with brands like the NFL, Mercedes-Benz, and Lenovo, weaving narratives that don't just tug at heartstrings, but also drive tangible business outcomes. At Cultivator Content Labs, in his role as a Producer, Matt relentlessly seeks opportunities to partner with cause-driven organizations. For him, every business and social challenge presents a canvas for human stories that convert adversities into assets. And Matt's passport bears testament to that commitment: championing mission-driven content from Cambodia to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and wherever a compelling human narrative beckons.