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Elizabeth Kaiser

Marietta, GA US
Available for Full Time
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Video editor. 2-D graphics artist. Enthusiastic dancer. Overall classy dame.


A big believer that truth really is stranger than fiction, Elizabeth is a connoisseur of taking many tiny pieces and weaving them into a concise whole. At a pivotal point in her early years, Liz decided telling true stories about extraordinary people was her chosen career, and never looked back. Elizabeth is an award-winning video editor, motion graphics designer, and producer based in Georgia, but was born, raised, and will forever be a Northern Michigander at heart. Elizabeth made her directing debut in 2018 with the multi-award nominated The Big Five Dive, a short documentary championing women in SCUBA diving. Elizabeth is a founding member of DOC Savannah.

Featured Work

Diving Through Darkness

How do you connect with something you can't see? At 26 years old, Matt Jackson lost the majority of his vision, and in turn his connection to his young son. Through the advice of a man known as the Shark Tooth Fairy, Matt uses black river scuba diving to find not only shark's teeth, but also his sense of self.

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