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Lindsey Phillips

New York, New York United States
Available for Freelance


Lindsey Phillips is a documentary filmmaker and editor based in Brooklyn, New York. In her work, she celebrates unique traditions and idiosyncrasies of place, culture, and communities, finding humor and humanity in complex places. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, Vox, CNN’s Great Big Story, PBS Reel South, and MailChimp Presents. She is currently working on two feature films - HOLDING BACK THE TIDE a hybrid documentary about oysters in New York City, and SERIOUS PLAY, a comedic hybrid documentary about the eccentric world of juggling. Lindsey is also a Post-Production Supervisor for Notice Pictures and an Editing Instructor at the New York Film Academy. She was part of the 2019 UnionDocs Collaborative Studio, received a certificate from Duke University's Center for Documentary Arts, and graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.