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Liala Layther

Assistant Editor, ABC
Washington, DC US
Assistant Editor / Junior Editor


With over a decade of experience spanning various sectors of the entertainment industry, Liala has cultivated a rich and diverse career journey. Her path became clear when she collaborated on a documentary pitch and visual reference with The Marshall Project, igniting her passion for editing. Since then, she has seamlessly transitioned between staff and freelance roles at various post-production houses, lending her expertise to projects ranging from narrative fiction to documentary to film trailers. However, her heart truly belongs to the world of documentary, where she thrives on sculpting narratives and unveiling stories through the art of editing. Liala has most recently been working on a Spanish documentary series at ABC. While typically based in New York, Liala currently finds herself in Washington, D.C., for a two year-long endeavor.

Featured Work

Wittig, Yes! Work-in-progress

A sample from a documentary that I'm currently working on about the late French feminist theorist and writer, Monique Wittig.

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