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Karla Pedraza Jasso

Estado de México, Méx. MX
Available for Full Time
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Film and podcast producer | 5 years of experience in the film industry | Guadalajara Talents 2023


Karla Pedraza Jasso, a Mexican producer and member of the prestigious Guadalajara Talents 2023 program, holds a degree in Social Communication from the Metropolitan Autonomous University. Her foray into the world of cinema materialized in 2018 when she assumed the role of in-house producer for Detective, a position she held until 2023. Her career is exemplified by her contributions to documentaries such as "La evaluación" (2022, directed by Diego Osorno, Official Selection at the Morelia International Film Festival, and nominated for the Ariel Award for Best Short Documentary in 2023) and "A plena luz" (2022, directed by Alberto Arnaut, a Netflix original). Karla primarily engages in impactful social and emotional documentary projects, distributed in theaters or on platforms with an independent focus. Her current work as a freelance producer underscores her versatility and unwavering dedication to creating meaningful audiovisual content.