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Joy Yu-Tzu Chang

Video Journalist, BBC World Service
Taipei TW
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Joy Chang is a Taiwanese video journalist and producer. Previously based in New York, she now spends her time in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, covering stories in the region. She speaks English, Taiwanese/Taigi, and Mandarin and is learning Cantonese.


Joy Chang is a Taiwanese video journalist and producer. She writes, produces, films and edits videos both independently and collaboratively. Previously based in New York, she has covered stories on China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the US. Her reporting in the US focused on the Asian American communities, Hong Kong's overseas democracy advocacy, and US-China relations. She is interested in Cross-Strait relations and the geopolitical developments in the Asia-Pacific region. She has covered local politics, elections, and transitional justice processes in Taiwan. Her work appeared in the South China Morning Post, The Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Welle, CBC News, Wainao (Radio Free Asia), BBC, VOA, Ketagalan Media, Taipei Times, and more. She also contributed reporting to a New York Times story about the city's underground birth center industry.