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Javier Garcia M

Director, SacBé Producciones
Córdoba, Ver. MX
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Anthropologist by profession, historian by hobby, audiovisual storyteller by passion and listening by conviction. I dedicate myself to telling stories that the people of my region and community find fundamental and necessary, through a camera and words.


With studies in Music and Anthropology. Diploma in filmmaking and self-taught press photographer. Born in Mexico City. In 1993, he began his profession as a photojournalist. In 2007 he founded the collective SacBé Producciones, where he produces and develops audiovisuals with social and cultural themes. In 2009, he produced and photographed the short film "La Patrona", an important boost to his conversion to documentary film, which he has been developing and making ever since. In 2015, he produced and made the direct sound for the web-documentary "Geografía del Dolor", about forced disappearance in Mexico. In 2016, she premiered "La Cocina de Las Patronas", a feature-length documentary. In 2016 he produced and made four video clips, with Patricio Hidalgo and Afrojarocho. In 2023, she completed two short films about forced disappearance in Mexico, "Cartas Para un Porvenir" and "Graciela". "Fandango," a feature film he directed about the traditional Jarocha festival, is in pre-production.