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Jack Gaertner

Director of Photography
Alpharetta, Georgia US
Available for Full Time
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Filmmaker | Documentarian | Storyteller As a recent graduate of Georgia College & State University, I am starting my career in production- telling engaging stories, in both documentary and narrative form.


Jack has a fascination with human connection and a desire to experience and capture all the ways in which we each interact with our world. He plans to follow this desire to connect to every corner of the globe, starting at home. His first two documentary projects, "DIY" and "Portraits in Coal", explore the importance of building community in small town America, and the incredible things we can overcome together. Since the start of his education at Georgia College & State University, Jack has been working toward a career in Atlanta's Film and Television production industry. He first experienced the industry through PA roles for HGTV and VH1 as well as through an internship at Quixote Studios' Atlanta location. Since then, he has continued to foster his passion for cinematography, working tirelessly on independent projects to succeed as a documentary DP. Following his graduation in December of 2022, Jack plans to continue developing his skills as a DP, and get involved telling even more impactful stories.