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Hannah Barker

Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Assistant Camera
Brooklyn, NY US
Available for Full Time
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Hannah is a cinematographer, camera operator, and assistant camera currently based in Brooklyn, NY.


Hannah began shooting 35mm on an inherited Nikon F2 SLR in 2013. She would later translate her study of composition and exposure from still photography into the dynamic image as a cinematographer. Hannah would shoot 20+ short-form projects over 5 years in her hometown of Austin, TX. Hannah’s work attempts to find the point of connection and mutual understanding between the subject, the viewer (herself), and the voyeur (the audience). Specializing in documentary filmmaking, Hannah’s work is informed by the ethics of power between subject and viewer. Any imbalance between the two could serve to misrepresent the sincerity of the subject, the viewer, and the message. She describes this dynamic like an invisible thread passing through the lens, connecting them both. Similar to a string telephone, if the line is cut or strained, the two no longer serve to inform the other and the shared message is lost.