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Hardik Contractor

Mumbai, MH IN
Available for Freelance
My name is Hardik Contractor; I am a highly skilled self-shooting producer-director based in Mumbai, India. With over a decade of professional experience I have produced content for Nat Geo,VICE,GreatBigStory,Gucci,LinkedIn,BBC,CNN,Insider and many more.


Hardik is always open to his ideas and would love to answer any questions you might have. He works as an independent DP-Producer-Director based in India but has worked across the South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. He has worked for some of the top global clients like National Geographic, VICE, Fox, BBC, CNN, Great Big Story, New York Post, Sky Italy, Pique Action, DW Germany, Redfish, Al Jazeera English, Business Insider, NBC, LinkedIn, Udemy Inc., Gucci, Global Citizen,, NTR (Dutch TV) and many more.