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Eleonore Finkelstein

Freelance video journalist and documentary filmmaker
New York, NY US
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I’m a French and American video journalist and documentary filmmaker, drawn to weird and unexpected stories that make you think.


Eleonore Finkelstein is a video journalist and documentary filmmaker hailing from New York City. She started her career in Paris in documentary filmmaking, working as a researcher and assistant director on several social and political documentaries for French broadcasting networks. She then worked as a digital video journalist, covering the news for an American audience, before moving back to New York to serve as the Editor-in-Chief of Brut. America. Brut. is the leading social media-first publisher in Europe and one of the fastest-growing digital media brand in the U.S. for Gen Z audiences, particularly on platforms like TikTok. Today, she is based in New York and works as a freelance video journalist, documentary filmmaker, and story consultant. She specializes in connecting with younger audiences and uncovering fresh angles and characters to shed light on larger subjects. She is drawn to character-driven stories that create thought-provoking conversations about society’s most pressing issues.