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Dan Ray

Freelance Cinematographer
Philadelphia, PA US
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Dan is a multi-tool for any documentary crew. He loves working in a tight-knit bunch and can jump into any role on set. As an experienced DP, Dan's strength lies in maximizing the day and making everyone on set feel safe, welcomed and a part of the team.


Hailing from the coast of southern Maine, Dan has found a second home in Philadelphia as a DP and Camera Operator. With a lengthy background in commercial, corporate, and documentary production, Dan strives to bring a unique voice to people's experiences and create vibrant imagery to bring stories to life. Dan has previously worked at PBS39-WLVT, producing, shooting and editing original documentary content. Most recently, he was a DP at 20/20 Visual Media, leading commercial and marketing shoots for major brands, as well as a variety of higher education and health care institutions. Dan is also loves to take to the skies as Part 107 licensed commercial drone operator. His true passion lies in documentary work, and takes the privilege of a subject allowing their life to be captured very seriously. While accustomed to large crews, Dan thrives in a more intimate group, and is comfortable with not just shooting, but gaffing, running sound and producing. When he's not diving into the next project, Dan can be found hiking, hitting up concerts or trying to re-create viral YouTube meals in his kitchen.

Featured Work

Little League World Series - Josiah Porter Documentary Feature

Documentary feature produced over multiple days at the 2022 Little League World Series. After a freak accident, Josiah Porter can only see out of one eye. It hasn't stopped him from persevering to perform on the biggest stage of his life while is family watches.

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Forged in Steel - The Roots of American Soccer (Documentary)

The original Bethlehem Steel FC was one of the most dominant teams in the history of the sport. This “super team” acted as a catalyst to establish soccer as a major sport in America. At it's core, it is an immigrant story, with the team coming from all over the world to work in the industrial giant that was the Bethlehem Steel factory.

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Tyler School of Art - MFA Program

This branded documentary follows four artists and how their mediums have found a home at Temple Tyler School of Art.

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