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Calvin Florian

Senior Producer/Camera Op
Atlanta, GA US
Available for Freelance
I'm a producer. I've worked in television for many years making promos, commercials, music videos, short form content and documentaries. I love to create and make the best content possible for clients.


I’ve been working in creative fields all my life. A professional musician, a freelance graphic designer, and the last two decades, a producer for one of the largest kids networks. What sets me apart from other producers is my ability to create a fluid working environment for everyone involved. I fully understand the creative process and all its players. I know what it’s like to write the story, play the song, and film the moment. Whether it’s running camera with the smallest crews or producing large multi-cam productions, it’s these experiences that have given me the understanding of what’s possible with many or little resources. I bring confidence and calmness to my projects that creates the best environment for creative to grow. The teams I work with bring me back again and again because my collaboration skills help the team create the best content possible. Having worked almost two decades as a Senior Producer at Cartoon Network, I teamed up with some of the top talent in the industry. Together we created groundbreaking content to support shows such as Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Ben 10, Over the Garden Wall, and Summer Camp Island, to name a few. Our efforts produced award winning behind-the-scenes shorts, music videos, documentaries, YouTube series and other promotional content.