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BJ Orr

Producer / Editor, B'Creative Media
Stonecrest, GA US
Available for Freelance
Is Hiring
Open To Virtual Coffee
A “seasoned storyteller”; with more than 10+ years of experience partnering with clients to develop content for global companies like COCA-COLA, DELTA, JACKSON SPALDING, BARSTOOL SPORTS, PBS, YEAR UP NON-PROFIT, FISERV, COX, AFROPUNK & more.


BJ Orr is originally from Columbia SC. He moved to Atlanta after High School with the hopes of doing something (anything) with his life. BJ enrolled in The Art Institute of Atlanta where he studied Music and Video Production. Through the course of his studies, he came to realize that he wanted to Produce and Direct. He went on to land gigs with FOX 5, CNN then Coca-Cola before being laid off. He was devastated! He used this adversity as fuel to leverage the skills and knowledge he'd gained to advance his independence. BJ took his savings and purchased $5000 worth of equipment. He went online and began studying various tutorials on producing, editing and videography. He began documenting & interviewing upcoming Rap Artist on their lifestyles and careers. BJ would then take those interviews; compile them into a DVD; package them and distribute them via retail and online sites. His projects were picked up by Netflix and Walmart; and expanded to reach Hip Hop fans around the world. As Worldstar, YouTube and various online formats began to take over; his DVD sales went down. He needed a new business model; a new hustle. BJ then formed B’Creative Media; where he rebranded himself and began to go after big budget projects and corporate clients. Through persistence, a few connections from old associates and a lot of hard work; doors began to open for him. Today BJ's production company, B'Creative Media, Produces Original long & short-form content for companies like Coca-Cola, Delta, PBS, BarStoolSports, COX & the CDC to name a few. BJ knows that he has a long way to go but has learned that walls are meant to be knocked down and that there is no limit to what we can do if we have the vision and determination to make it happen.