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Alex Rubenstein

Videographer, Editor, Photographer
Boulder, CO US
Available for Freelance
I am a compassionate and enthusiastic filmmaker, video editor, and photographer based in Boulder, CO, on a mission to photograph every bee.


Hi there! My name is Alex and I'm a documentary filmmaker and video editor, and wildlife and conservation photographer and storyteller. I've filmed breaching humpbacks and killer whales off the coast of Alaska, directed a documentary in Florence, Italy about love and cheese, edited documentary film projects for Adidas and OutsideTV, photographed adorably stinky penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula, and helped produce stories on cash bail reform and psychedelic medicine. Ultimately, I am passionate about the intersection of social change, conservation, and the outdoors; I truly believes storytelling is the fundamental tool of healing and growth. For part of the year, I work as a Certified Photo Instructor / Naturalist for Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic aboard passenger expedition small cruise ships, leading guests through the wilderness of Alaska, British Columbia, Antarctica and more, as I teach expedition photography and share my love for the outdoors and environment. In my free time, I love making music videos and comedy sketches with my overly bizarre, yet charming, abundance of friends from my student theater and stand-up comedy days. Growing up surrounded by the endless outdoors of Portland, OR going camping, hiking, and mountain biking, instilled in Alex an unwavering love of the outdoors and a commitment to share the majesty of our world and highlight the stories of those working to change it. Let’s tell stories together!