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Abigail Rhyne

New York, NY US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
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I’m a New York based artist with roots in Nashville and Atlanta. I am passionate about telling important, impactful stories, developing new works, and continually growing as an artist.


Abigail Rhyne is a New York based artist director, & screenwriter who has also found a new love for cinematography and producing. When she's not working, she loves photography, reading (her current favorites are Big Magic & The Color Purple), meditating, finding new restaurants, and spending time outside. There’s nothing she loves to do more than storytelling. She's interested in diving into the hard narratives, bringing more under-represented stories to the stage & screen, and making the industry more equitable for all. She believes advocacy, empathy and love are the foundations of impactful storytelling. She is currently studying at Sarah Lawrence College, where her concentrations are Acting, Directing, & Filmmaking with the occasional Politics and Psychology sprinkled in. She is set to graduate December of 2023. Right now her creative projects include “Missed Connections”, a short documentary exploring modern day love found via the Craigslist missed connections page, "The Globe-Trotters", an original short film, and a feature length fiction film script in early development.