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Viviane Feldman

Video Producer/Editor
New York, New York US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Producer, editor, and short filmmaker currently focused on social video and micro-content as well as strategy and brand development.


Viviane is a two-time Webby Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning video producer based in New York City passionate about telling stories that celebrate humanity, diversity and really cool people. She has a wide range of experience in developing, producing and editing nonfiction video, executing projects in all media forms, from social video and content, to episodic television and live events. She was the segment producer on PBS Digital's remotely-produced series Self-Evident, where she provided her pitching, research, coordinating, talent-handling, and production and editing skills with the team at Smartypants Production. Most recently she's a Video Producer/Editor focused on social video at Complex/Buzzfeed where she is strategizing, creating best practices, establishing processes, and produces talent-focused and programming-related content for social video at Complex. She also leads a social-first interview series called Good Sh*t, highlighting creators and creatives around the internet.