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Ulf Groote

Producer, Multiversum.Studio GmbH i.Gr.
Berlin DE
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
auteur filmmaker and former historian with vfx background turned producer


Ulf Groote is a producer and award-winning director from Berlin, Germany, who sees films as a flow of motion and sound, and the actors and camera as dancers. Before starting his own production company Multiversum.Studio in 2023, he has worked as documentary producer and has been directing and producing fiction shorts and commercials for over twenty years for numerous clients. An early Berlinale Talents alumnus with an arts diploma and a background in archaeology, history and visual effects, Ulf has an eclectic taste ranging from elevated genre to experimental films. He is passionate about balancing art and commercial appeal, and constantly explores new visual technologies and storytelling paradigms.