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Gabriel Tesserolli

Rio de Janeiro, RJ BR
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Brazilian cinematographer and photographer addicted to capturing life, travel and people. Available worldwide


Gabriel Tesserolli is a filmmaker and photographer who integrates a passion for storytelling with a love for capturing life in nature. His work reflects an ongoing pursuit of authentic narratives, utilizing the fusion of cinema and photography to share the beauty and diversity of his experiences with the world.

Featured Work

Woven together doc

The documentary tells the touching story of two brothers, Fernando and Marcelo Bengoechea. Fernando, a famous photographer, sadly lost his life in a tsunami in Sri Lanka years ago. He had a special way of making art called woven photography. Ten years later, Marcelo decided to keep Fernando's art and memory alive. He started making woven photography himself, the same kind of art his brother used to create. This documentary shows how Marcelo's hands bring back his brother's art, becoming a beautiful way to remember Fernando and feel close to him again. Directed, captured and edited by Gabriel tesserolli

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Yawanawa Amazon project

Join me on a 30-day adventure deep in the Amazon with the Yawanawa tribe. I followed a special company that created water filters and is all about giving them for free to communities that really need them, like indigenous tribes and people in Brazilian favelas. This documentary is all about their inspiring mission. We'll explore the Amazon together, sharing the stories of resilient and caring people. See how a small invention, the water filter, makes a big difference in the lives of those who need it the most. It's a journey filled with heartwarming moments and positive changes.

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