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Taylor Hosking

Producer, 93rd Street Media LLC (Freelance)
New York, NY US
Available for Full Time
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
I'm a reporter, story developer, narration writer, tape selectah, producer / lead production coordinator, story editor and third generation New Yorker.


Taylor Hosking is a journalist, writer, host and producer. She kicked off her career in The Atlantic's fellowship program on the digital politics desk, then carved out a beat as a culture staff writer at VICE covering Black and LGBTQ culture projects (film, tv, fashion, art etc) that pushed forward-thinking ideas in the zeitgeist. Then she went into podcasting where she's lead-produced a number of shows, including audio documentaries that were stand-alone one episode / "feature" experiences as well as multiple limited doc series. She also has experience selling her journalism stories as audio doc projects, like "Insecure Interludes" a series she sold to HBO about the music culture impact of Insecure's soundtrack and a doc she did for The New Yorker Radio Hour about a group of rappers in Tulsa, OK grappling with the aftermath of the city's massacre history. She's currently looking forward to finally being able to pursue the many visual story ideas she's racked up over the years moving into the video documentary space. And she's looking forward to supporting other people's exciting productions that could especially use her expertise in story scouting, story discovery, development and/or story editing.