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Talya Tibbon

(She/ Her)
Founder, Oz Films
Brooklyn, NY US
Available for Freelance
An award winning filmmaker and writer with more than two decades of experience whose work has appeared on Netflix, Apple+, Amazon, as well as other major outlets. Talya's explore urgent stories through a human prism.


Talya Tibbon is an award winning documentary film and television director producer and writer working between NYC and London. Sky and Ground, her feature debut, premiered at DocNYC and has since won multiple awards, including CINE's Golden Eagle Best Documentary. It was nominated for an International Documentary Association award for Best Documentary, while Sex and Love around the World was nominated for an IDA for the Best Television Series category. Throughout her career Talya's worked in 4 continents, documenting street gangs, drug dealers and users in Denver; Women trafficking in some of the most dangerous parts of Central America and refugees fleeing the war in Syria on their journey to safety. She's interviewed Nobel Prize winners to get to the roots of the financial crisis, Rumsfeld, Cheney and others about decision-making during 9/11, Obama’s top security and intelligence advisors about capturing bin Laden, and Julian Assange on how growing up in the shadow of the Cold War shaped his world view. She's also spent time with a wide range of not-as-famous but equally fascinating characters: from sex workers to hedge fund whiz kids, from storm chasers to Native American Chiefs and dare-devil ice swimmers. From criminals to cops, from new mothers to orphans. ​ While her films often tackle the urgent issues of the day, whether it's the global refugee crisis, climate change, inequality or mental health, they all have in common a “heart”-- telling engaging impactful human stories. ​ "Sky and Ground" is currently available on Amazon Prime. ​Her films for "Earthstorm," and "Sex and Love Around the World" are now available on Netflix.