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Surbhi Dewan

Creative Producer & Co-Founder, Painted Tree Pictures
New Delhi US
Open To Mentoring
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Independent film professional


Surbhi Dewan is a New Delhi-based independent film director, writer & producer. Her films explore intersections between socio-political conflict, displacement, memory and personhood. Surbhi’s recent film about the transgender community of Kashmir, 'TRANS KASHMIR' (2022), was picked up for distribution by Frameline (USA), Bohemia Media (UK) and is streaming worldwide on Cinelogue. Her other notable films include 'DAUGHTER OF NEPAL' (2018) - a rarely seen side of a revolutionary movement; and 'A THIN WALL' (2015) - personal narratives from the partition of India, filmed on both sides of the India-Pakistan border. She graduated with an MFA in film from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, and received her BA degree in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University.

Featured Work

Trans Kashmir [Trailer]

Feature length documentary about the extreme hardships, resilience and beauty of Kashmir’s transgender community, and their growing movement for basic human rights.

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