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Sindbad Guggenheim

New York, New York US
Available for Freelance
Open To Virtual Coffee
Sindbad is a director and cinematographer based between New York, Mexico City and Paris. His work ranges from documentaries and non-scripted television to non-profit films and branded content.


Born and raised in Paris, Sindbad moved to New York in 2013 to learn a different kind of documentary filmmaking. Open to all subjects and styles, he however definitely has a greater interest in cinéma vérité and social issue films as he firmly believes in the power of documentaries to create change. He really enjoys the collaborative aspect of filmmaking and when he is not working on his own projects he loves bringing his shooting skills and perspective to other directors' films. He is currently working on an immigration story on both sides of the US/Mexico border and would be happy to share more about it with interested VC members.

Featured Work

In Real Life: Voices of Nature

In this season finale of "In Real Life," Scripps News' Sam Eaton explores how artificial intelligence technology is opening up new possibilities for scientists communicating with animals — from sending messages to elephants on the plains of Kenya to mimicking honey bees in Germany and bat sounds in Israel.

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Why This Family Didn’t Get a Stimulus Check

'They said that some help would come. But in the end we got nothing, because she married me and I am undocumented.' Dalia Cruz and her children, who are US citizens, were denied a stimulus check solely on the basis that she married an undocumented immigrant. Now with both parents working less, the bills are piling up, and the family is hoping that congress fixes this injustice.

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