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Sheena Rossiter

Partner and Producer, Dona Ana Films & Multimedia
Edmonton, Alberta CA
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
An experienced, multilingual writer, producer, director, podcaster, DP and editor. I am capable of taking unscripted ideas from pitch to publish both in video and podcast formats. I speak three languages fluently and have created projects in 20 countries.


Sheena Rossiter is the co-founder of Dona Ana Films & Multimedia. She was based in Brazil for nearly seven years, and she produced multiple audiovisual projects related to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the 2015 Copa America, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, and other large events. Her producer credits include: the HBO-broadcast documentary "Brazil: Trans Awakening" (2016), "Beyond the Map with Google" (2016), and the Netflix docuseries "Rotten", episode 4 "Big Bird" (2018), among others. Her directorial debut, "3 Siblings" (2018), screened at over 30 film festivals, in more than a dozen countries, won five awards, and was broadcast on RTP 3 in Portugal and Eastlink TV in Canada. She's directed two Telus Originals: "Eye of the Storm" (2019) and "Marilyn in Jasper" (2019). She co-produced and directed the experimental short "1000 Brazils of Truth" (2021). She is the producer for the documentary short "Retraining the Brain" (Telus, 2023). Sheena was selected for the 2018 RIFF Talent Lab, she is a 2019 Telus STORYHIVE Banff Fellowship recipient, and she is part of Cohort 2 in Banff Spark, a program for women in the business of media. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.