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Rachel Saldivar

Sound Mixer - Dialogue Editor
San Francisco, CA US
Available for Freelance
Rachel is an experienced Production Sound Mixer, as well as a Post Sound Mixer and Dialogue Editor.


Rachel Saldivar is a lifelong recording artist turned production and post-production sound mixer and editor. With over 10 years of experience in vocal recording and music mixing, she has tailored her audio production skills to suit a wide range of projects large and small. From running sound boards on large budget, multi-character feature films, to recording intimate, content sensitive, sit-down interviews, for independent and network documentaires, Rachel's passion for high quality audio keeps her on the forefront of new technologies and techniques to capture the highest quality recordings for your production. Rachel’s clients include brands like Nike, Adidas, and Sephora, and broadcast networks and studios like DiscoveryPlus, TLC, The History Channel, Hulu, ESPN, BET and TNT. With a complete, flexable pro audio kit that can scale to suit projects of all sizes, Rachel is travel-ready and always ready to hop on a plane, hike up a mountain, or cross a river to cover the story. As a Latina Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded by gentrification and ever- widening wealth disparities, it has always been important for Rachel to use her voice and resources as an asset to support her community. Teaching production sound mixing classes for POC film students at Open Signal LABS community center in Portland Oregon, donating production time to social and racial justice projects and producing podcasts and web series for local Bay Area artists, it is incredibly important for her to share her knowledge of professional sound mixing, and help open doors for other women, femmes, LQBTQI, and people of color to join an industry that has historically kept us out.