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River Branson

Video Editor
Los Angeles, CA US
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I'm River Branson, a Video Journalist and Editor with a passion for storytelling.


River Branson is a passionate and dedicated Video Journalist and Editor whose journey in the world of media began at the forefront of digital storytelling. Hailing from a diverse background, River has always been committed to creating content that celebrates inclusivity and diversity. Born with an innate talent for visual storytelling, River embarked on their professional journey at BuzzFeed, where they carved out their niche by producing captivating and thought-provoking videos focusing on the LGBTQ+ community. Through these videos, they aimed to shed light on important issues, break stereotypes, and create a safe space for conversations that matter. This formative experience allowed River to develop their unique storytelling style, blending creativity, empathy, and social impact. Though their heart lies in video journalism, River currently finds themselves working in the marketing world to pay the bills. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, they have honed their skills in marketing to stay ahead of trends and reach wider audiences. This experience has further enriched their skill set, providing them with valuable insights into audience engagement and content strategy.