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Obed Lamy

Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Chicago, IL US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
I am a journalist and documentary filmmaker. I produce, direct, shoot, and edit human-centered short films.


Obed Lamy, has a penchant for bringing viewers into the emotional landscape of a person or place he profiles with his cinematography work. He has a knack for capturing small moments and intimate vertié as a vehicle into humanity, identity, and dignity. Obed nurtured a passion for storytelling from his mother, who devoted most evenings to telling him stories of her childhood under a dictatorship in Haiti. This is ultimately what led to his journalism where he covered presidential elections, civil unrest, and natural disasters in his home country. As a filmmaker, Obed has been the recipient of many awards including Best Emerging Filmmaker, Fayetteville Film Festival; Best Student Film, Made in Arkansa Film Festival; Special Jury Mention, Prix du Jeune Journaliste Haïtien. Most recently, Obed co-directed, We Are Here, which screened at the National Museum of History and Culture. Obed’s refined approach to cinematography will evoke deep connection and emotional investment with viewers as a way to increase engagement and impact of the film.