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Nathan Siegelaub

Freelance Filmmaker
East Meadow, NY US
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I want to tell tight, true stories using all the tools of cinema -- the total art form. I specialize in video editing and draw inspiration from percussion; I am a drummer and I love the rhythm of images and sounds.


Nathan Siegelaub is a graduate of Harvard College, where he studied English but seized every opportunity to borrow a camera from the library, shoot video and edit his footage on Final Cut Pro (fortunately, these primitive films never made it beyond his laptop). Wanting to improve his skills and break into nonfiction filmmaking, he enrolled in Columbia Journalism School, where he co-directed his debut documentary -- a short called "Sparni." On that project, he dove deeply into Adobe Premiere Pro and became enamored of clean, creative audio; he learned that when a cut looked wrong, often it was because it sounded wrong.

Featured Work

SPARNI Trailer

Trailer for my master's project, a short documentary called "Sparni."

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