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Martina Camatta

Freelance filmmaker
Doha, Doha Municipality QA
Open To Mentoring
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Geologist by chance and filmmaker by choice, I moved to Scotland in 2006 and worked with Aberdeen's arts and social communities to create documentaries on local stories and challenges. I love intimate, extraordinary stories of tenacious, ordinary people.


Originally from Italy, after graduating in Geology in 2005, Martina moved to Scotland to pursue a career in Oil and Gas. After succeeding for more than 10 years, the 2014 oil crisis left her redundant while on maternity leave. She took this as an opportunity to pursue a different dream, filmmaking. Self-taught and self-shooting, Martina engaged with the local community and found artists, sports people and socially marginalised communities and worked to have their stories heard. After moving to Doha with her family due to her husband's work, she engaged with international filmmakers and journalists willing to open a Video Consortium in Doha, and is now in pre-production of a short documentary on a family of three generations of Palestinian women who discuss topics like family, heritage, migration and "where is home".

Featured Work

Surfin' Aberdeen

An insight on Aberdeen (Scotland) growing surfing community and the positive impact surfing, and water activities, had on the Aberdeen beach users, especially during and after COVID-19.

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