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Michael Polk

Freelance Producer
Brooklyn, NY US
Available For Hire
Available for Full Time
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I am independent filmmaker in Brooklyn with experience in documentary, narrative, news media, educational content, and music. I am particularly interested in capturing community building practices, and the passion that lies within.


Michael Polk is an independent filmmaker with experience directing, producing, editing, and working on set in various crew positions. After graduating from Ohio State University in 2012, a week later he was directing his feature-length debut, Making Mail, an exploration of the beauty and community surrounding mail-art. Since then, he has been focused on capturing the passion folks put into their craft. For him, that passion is creating an inclusive environment on set to provide a safe and empowering space for collaborators to come together and tell the best story possible.

Featured Work

Michael Polk 2023 Reel

Demo reel of work up to 2023

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Half Court Sessions

Playlist of all Half Court Sessions, a music web series blending the sights and sounds of basketball and indie rock

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Buckeye Biography

A nine-part documentary series commissioned by the Ohio State University to celebrate the institution's 150-year anniversary

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Making Mail

My feature-length debut, Making Mail is a documentary exploring the beauty and community surrounding mail-art. The film looks to discover why slowing down through the postal service in this fast paced world really means a great deal.

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