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Laura Landry

Supervising Producer & Content Manager
St. Petersburg, FL US
Available for Full Time
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Award-winning Director/Producer and Editor that can adapt across video projects, scaling from doc work to commercial. Orderly production management. I hold camera too, with cinematography specializing in high production value docustyle, shooting on C300s.


Laura is a storyteller who produces more than mindless paint-by-number pieces. She's someone who has trudged through the workflows of planning, shooting, and post, and who uses that experience to fuel efficient, soulful video work. Documentary filmmaking is her wheelhouse, born from a curious anthropologically-minded eye and refined over the years as a video storyteller in various fields. Her experience is broad in scope: she's helped coordinate FDA regulated medical media and storied sales tools for healthcare marketing initiatives, directed live events from control rooms, interviewed C-suite executives inside Fortune 500 companies, and edited countless testimonial narratives. Marrying creativity with grit, she believes stories made from chaos are not sustainable, so alongside perfecting the crafts of editing, shooting, and producing, she's worked hard over the years to successfully scale video departments and optimize filmmaking ecosystems. Her recent efforts have been focused in public media. On any given day, you might find her: • Researching and developing story themes alongside Directors and Writers; connecting with community members for access to stories • Pre-interviews and interviewing subjects on-set using interrotron direct-to-camera and off-camera techniques • Collaborating and coordinating with MFX artists to concept and create series branding elements • Outfitting production with appropriate internal and external crew; building out a freelance production bench • Producing production schedules, permits, and call sheets that meet timelines • Managing and reconciling hard-costs of production budgets • Directing crew in the field and studio; filming BROLL and interviews • Overseeing media ingesting protocol on drives and archiving to NAS • High value post-production editing and supervision, providing notes to editors • Collaborating with digital and social departments to develop promotional pieces and cutdowns. Although she's most familiar with crewing out small or medium sized sets and working with budgets from $0-$100K, she's also a quick study with positive, exponentially-curved results. The art, technical discipline, fast-paced plate-spinning, and behavioral excavation of filmmaking is life to her, and she intends to live it well.