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Laura Garcia

Documentary filmmaker, photographer, social researcher
Guatemala City, Guatemala GT
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Anthropologist turned audiovisual storyteller, convinced that documenting and making films is constructing memory and reorganizing the discourse. Navigating between journalism, social communication, and art to produce impact-driven stories.


Documentary filmmaker, photographer, and social researcher, based in Guatemala. Is currently photo editor and visual journalist at Plaza Pública. She researches, documents, and informs through still and moving images in the areas of justice, politics, human rights, and identity. To imagine other ways of narrating, facing conflicts, relating, and co-creating in community, she produces social documentaries in collaboration with grassroots organizations on issues of historical memory and socio-environmental conflicts.

Featured Work

Volverse Tierra

Green Mama Compost is an initiative based in Antigua Guatemala, which seeks to raise community awareness on chronic waste issues, while empowering people for community transformation and environmental regeneration through composting.

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El basurero de Tapachula que sirve de «casa y trabajo» para migrantes

The "Linda Vista" garbage dump in Tapachula is a stop where the massive migratory flow that passes through Mexico's southern border is trapped. Women, men, children and elderly among the most humble and desperate, originating from the so-called "Northern Triangle of Central America" -Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador- populate this hellish place to get their daily bread through the collection and sale of plastic and metals.

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