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Julia Ongchoco

Technical Operations Specialist, Library Films
New York, NY US
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
I'm a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where I studied Cognitive Science and Theatre Arts. I work at Library Films, a documentary production company led by Chris Smith, and on the side explore intersections of science and art through film.


Julia Ongchoco works at Library Films for Chris Smith (best known for Tiger King and A Hundred Foot Wave) where she specializes in streamlining and automating archival operations as well as inventory and footage ingest. Outside of the work she does at Library, she is fascinated by the intersection of science and art, and how film can be an avenue to bring more of the wonders of this intersection to broader audiences. She most recently finished her first short film, Grid, where she explores how an artist and a scientist find common ground through the medium of the grid and the enigmatic artist, Agnes Martin, who inspires both of their work.