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Jiale Hu

(Assistant) Video Editor
Brooklyn, NY US
Available for Full Time
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I am a 26-year-old Chinese female filmmaker in New York who loves to show the beauty of under-represented migrant families. With a M.A. degree in documentary from New York University, I have over 4 years of experience as a short film producer and editor.


Originally from Shanghai, Jiale began making documentary films at the University of Notre Dame in 2019. Her 12-minute debut film Mama Yen tells the story of a Vietnam War refugee, Yen, who brings a taste of home to younger Asian migrants in a small Midwestern town. Along with five other screenings, she was awarded Best Director at the 10th Queens World Film Festival in 2020. Jiale then worked as an explainer video producer at DX Channel in China, reporting on topics from AI suicide prevention on Weibo to specialty coffee farmers in Yunnan. A graduate of New York University's M.A. program, Jiale will finish her first 30-minute documentary film Come O Come in February 2023. The film is an intimate portrayal of grieving in one Malaysian-Chinese immigrant family, that pierces into the inexpressible wound of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her wish is to always grow in humility with each film she makes, and to capture the disarming beauty in our fragile humanity.