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Jasmine Low

Writer/Producer/Podcast Presenter, EQn Activation Studios
Sydney, New South Wales AU
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
My life has been a serendipitous sequence of experiences stitched together by people I've met in both work and social instances, often drawn together for a common purpose. All of these experiences make me who I am and I'm here to share their stories.


Jasmine H. Low is a cause-marketing advocate who juggles creative escapades as a writer/producer and podcast presenter, while caring for her mother Shirl who has Early Onset Dementia and Chronic Kidney Disease. Low clinched the Motion Picture Association International Script-to-Screen Pitch Competition (Malaysia) 2nd Prize for ‘Kurang Manis’, a documentary film about six Malaysians living in a not-so-sweet world of political change while one in two battle a noncommunicable disease. Born in Penang, she lives in Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. Find out what she's doing now: jasminelow.com/now.