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Jacob Salzberg

Video Manager (Editor, Cinematographer, Producer), Medidata Solutions
Brooklyn, New York US
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NYC & PDX filmmaker. Documentary & comedy. In Production: "I Hope You Remember Me" - Feature Doc about my mother's descent into Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Currently working in-house for a medical SaaS company.


Jacob Salzberg is a PDX & NYC based filmmaker who grew up between Hawaii & Oregon. In 2019, his award winning short film Girls Night screened internationally in six countries and in Brooklyn at the SlimCinema Vertical Film Festival. Jacob’s comedy sketches have been seen on Above Average, Huffington Post, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, And CTV of Lane County, Oregon. Jacob has worked on film sets in various capacities since PA’ing his first Coke Zero commercial in 2014. His film & TV credits include Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Hulu’s The Path, and Warner Bros.’ In The Heights. Jacob has also served as Writers Assistant for Almanack Screenwriters (fka Screenwriters Colony). Amid the Covid-19 pandemic Jacob embarked on his first feature length documentary - I Hope You Remember Me - chronicling his mother’s descent into Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. He expects to wrap principal photography by April 2023 and is in the early stages of post-production. With his newfound love of documentary, Jacob aims to sew a continued thread of one-of-a-kind characters battling injustices larger than themselves. He strives to highlight the absurdity of human nature while simultaneously exposing the failings of modern society. Although Jacob fainted on stage in his fifth grade Christmas play, he did not let that deter his pursuit of the arts. When not making films, Jacob is feverishly on the hunt for the best pickle in town.

Featured Work

I Hope You Remember Me - Work Sample #1

Work Sample of my documentary feature in progress, "I Hope You Remember Me" I Hope You Remember Me follows Sara Salzberg’s descent into Early-Onset Alzheimer’s while collecting her remaining memories before it’s too late. Sara battles to remain lucid with the help of a clinical trial and unwavering support of her two children. As conflicting caregivers, Jacob and Hanna are forced to confront Sara’s mortality while forgiving her for the events that led to their father’s suicide. Utilizing interviews, vérité scenes of daily life, and extensive home video archive, “I Hope You Remember Me” tells the story of a woman knowingly trapped inside her decaying mind.

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Washington-Jefferson Skatepark

One part profile, one part mood piece; this documentary short highlights the newly constructed Washington-Jefferson Skatepark in Eugene, Oregon as well as the community the skate park serves.

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