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Fernanda Frazão

Audiovisual Director and Creative Producer
Brasilia, DF US
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Audiovisual Director and Creative Producer


Fernanda Frazão is an audiovisual director and creative producer with over 12 years of experience in storytelling through cinema, documentaries, photography, TV/streaming content, and advertising for brands. Throughout her career, she has traveled the world creating visual content for major Brazilian airlines, explored various parts of the Amazon, and directed and photographed some of the most interesting people in Brazil. With a naturalistic aesthetic, she seeks inspiring and authentic stories in everyday life. In photography, her work "Amazônia Lado B" (2017) has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Lensculture Street Photography, and has been exhibited at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) in São Paulo and at the Voies Off Rencontres D’Arles 2018 exhibition in France. In cinema, she is the director and screenwriter of "Chega de Fiu Fiu" (2018), a documentary about harassment against women in public spaces in Brazil, nominated for the Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro, and "Projeta Quebrada" (2023). For TV, she directed the series "#DeixaEla" (2023) for the GNT channel. She also directed the series "Facebook Latam Season" (2021), focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion in Latin American business, as well as the digital content for the series "Manhãs de Setembro" (2021) on Prime Video, "Segunda Chamada" (2019) on Globoplay, and the feature film "Marighella" (2019) by Wagner Moura.

Featured Work

Chega de Fiu Fiu

Were the cities made for women? "Enough with Catcalling" tells the story of Raquel, Rosa and Teresa. They live in three Brazilian cities and through activism, art and poetry, resist and propose new ways of living in the public space.

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