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Farhod Family

Partner / Director, Studio Koa
Dedham, Massachusetts US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Documentary filmmaker / producer, co-founded Studio Koa, a full service video production company based in New York, Boston and British Columbia.


Farhod got his start in media in Iran, covering the country's 2009 presidential elections. Since then he's filmed, produced and directed documentaries and commercials across the world for various media outlets and brands. Prior to forming Studio Koa, he was a staff producer and cinematographer for CNN's Great Big Story. His work has also appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, PBS Frontline, CNN, and Fusion, among other outlets. Fluent in French and Farsi, he is a dual citizen of Iran and the United States. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and French from the University of Hawai'i and a master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Journalism.