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Donecia Dunk

Production Coordinator, Big Think
District Heights, MD US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
I am Donecia Dunk, Production Coordinator at Big Think and lifelong learner and creative. I have been passionate about the entertainment industry since I was a child and I look forward to learning from others and leaving a lasting impact of my own!


Donecia Dunk is a lifelong creative who coined her own description of herself: artistically enterprising. She enjoys combining her love of the arts and storytelling with her innate business sense to bring both passion and strategy to all her pursuits. Donecia attended North Carolina A&T State University where she double majored in International Management and Journalism and Mass Communications with a concentration in Mass Media Production. She has known since she was eight years old that she wanted to work in the entertainment industry. As she wrote, directed and starred in various skits and plays, she realized that her ultimate goal was to have her own production company where she would tell people's real stories that have been too long hidden or forgotten that would ultimately help guide others through trauma, grief or lead to a place of understanding. Donecia is currently a Production Coordinator at Big Think where she uses her excitement for lifelong learning to contribute to a production team that creates videos encouraging the world to think bigger. She is excited about exploring various avenues of entertainment production and development as well as learning what it takes to run a production company from the business side to the lighting and camera aspects.