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Christian Carvajal

Director / Producer / Researcher
New York, New York US
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Colombian American documentary filmmaker working out of NYC and Bogotá. I direct, produce, and support projects with language and culture tasks (Spanish-language translation/interpretation, Latin American topics, etc.).


Christian Carvajal is a Colombian American documentary filmmaker based in New York and Bogotá. He is originally from Florida and his interests lie within the Latinx community, migration, and memory. He holds a BA in biology from Harvard University but decided to pursue nonfiction video production after graduating. He has worked with director Rodrigo Reyes and producer Su Kim, conducted research for the true-crime TV series "The Murder Tapes" on Investigation Discovery, and produced Spanish-language digital videos for INSIDER. Christian is fully bilingual. He has experience directing Spanish-language talent and interviews, interpreting on and off sets, as well as translating legal documents.

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