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Christian Bruno

Los Angeles, California AF
Available for Freelance
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"All that we see or seem/Is but a dream within a dream" -- Edgar Allan Poe


Christian Bruno is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer whose credits extend from documentary to narratives, from the inbetween to the edges. "Pie Fight 69" (co-directed with Sam Green) won top prizes at Sundance, Chicago Underground, and Black Maria Film Festivals. "Ed & Pauline" (co-directed with Natalija Vekic) about film critic Pauline Kael's early years, premiered at Telluride in 2015. He was the cinematographer of Chris Russo's feature about 6 women in the cannabis industry, "Lady Buds," which premiered at HotDocs, and Arthur Jones' Sundance Award-winner "Feels Good Man." His cinematograohy was most recently featured in the PBS series "Native America." As Electric Park Films, he and his creative collaborator Natalija Vekic produce dynamic character-driven short docs for non-profits and corporate clients, like Adobe, Netflix, and The Ad Council. They just premiered their latest film "You Always See Myself" at the SF DocFest and the United Nations Film Festival.

Featured Work

Diedrick Brackens: ark of bulrushes

A portrait of contemporary artist Diedrick Brackens as he weaves together expansive narratives inspired by Myths, Bible stories and poetry. In the same way the Freedom Quilts held secret messages that helped runaway slaves navigate their way to freedom –– his weavings explore the way textiles have been used to communicate and signal within certain communities, both in overt ways and through a secret language. His weavings show figures transcendent, expressing joy and in communion with nature. Brackens incorporates weaving as a means to bring to life the fantastical stories he’s drawn to and rework them to create new narratives.

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Lady Buds

LADY BUDS tells the story of six courageous women who come out of the shadows of the cannabis underground to forge a path to legalization.

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Barbara Stauffacher Solomon: Visions Not Previously Seen

A short documentary portrait of Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, the groundbreaking designer who fused Swiss modernism with an iconic and bold California pop aesthetic to create the design phenomena known as Supergraphics. At 89 years old, Bobbie continues to produce bold, eclectic work both large and small. Originally produced for Adobe Create Magazine.

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Feels Good Man

When indie comic character Pepe the Frog becomes the unwitting icon of hate, his creator fights to bring Pepe back from the darkness.

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