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Chiara Brambilla

Multimedia Journalist and Documentary Producer and Director
Doha, Doha Municipality QA
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Chiara Brambilla is a multimedia journalist and an award-winning documentary producer and director, focused on telling human stories that address social, cultural and gender issues, mental health, and how we relate to our surroundings and our bodies.


Chiara Brambilla is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, director, multimedia producer, video journalist, and photographer, known for her insightful storytelling and captivating visuals. She has forged collaborations with numerous prestigious national and international news organizations and magazines, including ITV On Assignment, BBC (World Service Investigative Documentary Unit, BBC Reel), Channel 4 News, Newsweek, and The Independent, showcasing the breadth of her expertise and reach. Chiar's documentary work delves deep into the complexities of gender dynamics, mental health, and our interconnectedness with the environment and our bodies. Her films are characterized by a profound exploration of the human condition, providing a platform for emotions and experiences to resonate authentically within the narrative. Chiara's directorial debut, 'A Dose of Nature', has garnered widespread acclaim, with screenings in the United States, Australia and across Europe, earning it multiple awards and recognition at esteemed film festivals worldwide.

Featured Work

On Assignment: Is Sardinia disappearing? | ITV News

Birth-rates are falling across Europe and it's an increasing trend. In Italy, the population is shrinking and no better region highlights the decline more than the island of Sardinia. Louise Scott finds out how a lack of jobs, poor infrastructure and limited transport links are putting many young people off staying in the area and starting a family.

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Inside India's deadly instant loan app scam - BBC News

Millions of people use instant loan apps with the promise of easy money - but many have found themselves trapped in a nightmare of blackmail, extortion, and abuse. A BBC investigation has revealed that, in the last three years, more than 60 people in India have taken their own lives after being threatened or humiliated by loan apps. BBC Eye goes undercover to take you inside the loan app scam—and to expose the people making money from misery, fear, and shame.

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Global monkey torture ring exposed by BBC - BBC News

A year-long investigation by the BBC has uncovered a global monkey torture ring with hundreds of customers located in the UK, US and beyond. Starting out on YouTube and progressing to the encrypted messaging app Telegram, the ring commissioned people in Indonesia to abuse and kill baby long-tailed macaques on film. This is a story about Mini, and the growing network of westerners buying into the world of monkey torture.

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Will We Stop Having Sex? | Newsweek

Sex is one of our primary biological urges. We engage in it for procreation and pleasure. But recent technological advances are changing the way we have sex. From test tube babies to gene editing, it is becoming possible to have children artificially who will be healthier than those conceived naturally. The rise of pornography, coupled with increased social media usage, has already seen less physical interaction among younger generations - creating a barrier between the real world and the virtual space they are entangled with. And for those looking for a more physical sexual gratification, robots are being increasingly developed to satisfy sexual fantasies as opposed to a real-life partner. With all these changes to our society the question is - will we stop having sex as we know it?

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