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Carey Rose O'Connell

Producer, AFMI Productions
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Empowering a community of independent content creators with career development and access!


Gaining over 20 years of corporate management and communications experience, in 2017, Carey Rose left the box and created her New Mexico-based business, RoseBrand Consultation Services. She partners with content creators, non-profits, small businesses, independent brand owners, and entrepreneurs who often feel that brand marketing, training, and analytical support are not feasible in their budgets. In 2022 her passion for supporting the foundations of a sustainable film and media industry inspired her to focus a critical portion of her consultation work on independent, local content creators. The Albuquerque Film and Media Incubator is the space she developed to provide the missing components of systemic support to the community. MISSION We are a production company that provides accessible, multigenerational career development and shared resources in film and media with New Mexicans interested in starting or re-starting a career track in independent media production. VISION To create a sustainable independent above-the-line film production infrastructure workforce in film and media production, increasing median income levels across the state to create better lives for future generations of New Mexicans. CREATING A COMMUNITY IN ACTION Like gap financing in film. AFMI acts as a gap educator, bridging the knowledge and skills gap for aspiring filmmakers and media professionals. Through our comprehensive career development programs, we equip New Mexicans with the fundamental business tools necessary to forge successful career paths as independent film producers.