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Caitlin Stone

Video Editor, Video Producer, Archival Producer
Brooklyn, NY US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
I am a media producer floating between the digital and documentary worlds, specializing in post production and team management.


Caitlin is a media creator who has been based in NYC for 9 years, but originally comes from Delaware. She ispassionate about visual storytelling and has worked many roles between the digital media and documentary worlds. She has produced and edited for Thrillist, Bravo Digital, Bon Appetit, VICE, and Crooked Media and she also served in leadership positions for the digital video teams at HuffPost and Global Citizen. For documentaries, Caitlin has been an Assistant Editor and Archival Producer for La Lutta Productions. She loves developing workflows and strategy but also loves the creative side of video and hopes expand her career into more documentary storytelling projects.