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Victor Bonini

AP / Producer
Brooklyn, NY US
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Reporter and video producer since 2012, documentary filmmaker since 2019, and crime novelist since 2015.


I entered my first newsroom in my hometown São Paulo, Brazil during my third semester of college. For 10 years, that was my life: producing and reporting in nearly every department of a newsroom, but especially as a correspondent on the streets. Then, in 2019, I came to New York City to get my Master's in Documentary Filmmaking, and stayed. In the U.S., I have worked as a foreign correspondent for CNN Brazil covering the pandemic, the 2020 elections, Biden's inauguration, and other breaking news. On the documentary side, I've interned at Motto Pictures, then worked with Academy Award winners Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi on the NatGeo docuseries Edge Of The Unknown. Finally, on the literature side, I've published five novels in Brazil, and the film rights to four of them have been sold. My latest novel was shortlisted for a Jabuti Award, Brazil's most important literary prize.