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Ashley Tindall

Long Beach, CA US
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A multi-platform director, producer, writer and editor, Tindall specializes in broadcast documentaries and educational content that explore contemporary political and social issues and international cooperation.


As Director/Producer at Film Archer based in Long Beach, Ashley has been a non-fiction producer and director for almost twenty years with extensive experience on international productions and a particular interest in public policy and science and technology. Ashley has also been an Assistant Director, Associate Producer and Field Producer for long-form television documentaries and independent films including for HBO, PBS and National Geographic. She has produced educational content for Duke University, the One Love Foundation, Filene Research Institute, the University of California - San Francisco,, the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, the University of North Carolina, The Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Studies at Stanford University and the Global Women's Leadership Summit. In her spare time, she writes television comedy and historical features.

Featured Work

27 Months: Journeys in the Peace Corps

Feature doc following three Peace Corps volunteers and their communities in Azerbaijan, Liberia and the Philippines.

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