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Garrett McDonald

Production Sound Mixer/CEO, Amplifilm Inc.
San Francisco, CA US
I have been providing top-notch production sound mixing services to the San Francisco Bay Area film and television industry for the past 10 years. My business, Amplifilm, is a veteran owned business.


Garrett McDonald is the CEO of Amplifilm Inc., a company well-regarded for its production sound mixing services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Garrett's journey into the world of audio production began with a solid educational foundation, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Music Production and Sound Design from the Academy of Art University. This academic training provided the groundwork for his passion and commitment to sound. To further refine his craft and gain practical experience, Garrett embarked on internships at Studio Trilogy and Polarity Post Production, dedicating a year to each. These invaluable experiences allowed him to hone his skills, learn from industry experts, and make valuable connections. Before his career in sound took off, Garrett proudly served in the U.S. Navy from 2005 to 2010. His military service instilled in him discipline and an unwavering sense of commitment, values that continue to shape his professional path. Outside of his work, Garrett finds deep fulfillment in spending time with family, exploring new places through travel, and connecting with nature through hiking. He also enjoys engaging in conversations about audio gear with fellow enthusiasts and professionals. At Amplifilm Inc., Garrett is dedicated to providing exceptional sound quality, transforming creative visions into reality. He is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you on your upcoming audio projects.