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Alex Albers

Freelance Editor, VC Organizer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee


Alex Albers is an experienced documentary editor whose work has premiered on PBS, Fox Sports, Netflix, Amazon Prime as well as film festivals across the country and around the world. She has collaborated on a variety of documentary projects including the 10-part Netflix crime series MAKING A MURDERER: Season 1 (2015), Emmy-nominated, Q BALL (2019), and the Emmy-winning Netflix film, FIRE IN PARADISE (2019). She cut the award winning film WOMEN'S MARCH (2017) a documentary about the 2017 Women's March, as well as the the currently unreleased (due to COVID) short documentary titled BEAKMAN & JOK, about the treasured San Francisco artist-activist, Jok Church, who's cartoons inspired the 90's hit children's television show BEAKMAN'S WORLD. In addition to longer form documentary work, Alex specializes in short form video content, specifically short documentary, promotional videos, event highlight reels, and music videos. She is an alumni of Sarah Lawrence College, where in 2008 she received her BA in Liberal Arts with an area of focus in film production.